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May Half Term

To book, please call us on 07378135441 or email

A day in a life…

Morning drill

Fun introductory games and activities to get the children settled

Main course

Targeted play where they have loads of fun learning

Breakout sessions

Children have the option to participate in a range of practical activities based on the topic of the day from a science perspective in the Stem Zone or from the art viewpoint as Cool Crafts.

Group research and presentation

The children huddle round to research fascinating subject matters and present their findings in creative ways.

Life Skills

Active games and while practising important life skills.

Me time

The children wrap up the day with some time at reading corner, playing board games or puzzles or colouring.

Arrow Kids Club is a children’s initiative that is committed to the holistic development of children.


Our Study Skills Programme provides the children with an opportunity to enjoy learning great study skills while having lots of fun in a safe, creative and exploratory environment. The fundamentals Numeracy, Literacy, Science and Arts are tackled through exciting games and activities to encourage a genuine love for learning.

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Telephone: 07378 135 441